Well February was a very productive month for both Adam and I.

Adam mastered Dizzy Dice and X-Ray vision. I bought him a new magic set and he is beginning to work on some more tricks.

For my part I worked on c variety of things. I continue to practice my Coin Matrix and have been working on a script involving young dragons. I ordered some color year of the dragon coins from china and they look nice. I will hopefully post a video of my progress soon.

In addition I have been working on my Coin vanishes, pull off double lift and card fanning. In fact my desk at work is beginning to look a little like a magic shop with cards, rubber bands, rope pieces etc., so I can practice while I work.

I also got a clear Hot Rod like the one I had years ago and am working with it. I started doing cut and restored rope and I am surprised at how quickly that came back to me.

I am greatly encouraged by our first month and we are having a lot of fun.

Well I’m off to a Doctor’s appointment then on to Dave’s Killer Magic  to spend my birthday money.

Remember Imagination is the True Magic.


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