April To Date

I want to thank Carey Heim for a new ending for my coin matrix that fits right. As soon as I have it down I will tape it and put it up.

I have been working on my double-lift in preperation for an Ambitious Card routine to do after the Matrix. I am also working on a script for it.

March Progress

Adam continues to work on his Cups and Balls and attended a magic lesson at our local shop Dave’s Killer Magic where he learned Three Card Monte.

I continue to work on the Matrix. I have re-written the script and continue to refin it. I am also working on my Card handling, Professors Nightmare and some coin magic.

See the latest Matrix here:



Well February was a very productive month for both Adam and I.

Adam mastered Dizzy Dice and X-Ray vision. I bought him a new magic set and he is beginning to work on some more tricks.

For my part I worked on c variety of things. I continue to practice my Coin Matrix and have been working on a script involving young dragons. I ordered some color year of the dragon coins from china and they look nice. I will hopefully post a video of my progress soon.

In addition I have been working on my Coin vanishes, pull off double lift and card fanning. In fact my desk at work is beginning to look a little like a magic shop with cards, rubber bands, rope pieces etc., so I can practice while I work.

I also got a clear Hot Rod like the one I had years ago and am working with it. I started doing cut and restored rope and I am surprised at how quickly that came back to me.

I am greatly encouraged by our first month and we are having a lot of fun.

Well I’m off to a Doctor’s appointment then on to Dave’s Killer Magic  to spend my birthday money.

Remember Imagination is the True Magic.

Welcome to Magical Mischief

I have been out of magic for the las 30 years or so. Life as it has a way of doing intruded.

Recently my grandson Adam expressed an interest in magic and I thought it would be fun to document our journey into this wonderous world.

We have been at it for about a month now and Adam has learned half a dozen tricks so far. For now toy can check out our website at www.magicalmischief.org to see what we are working on, until I can get it transferred

Adam Says:

Hi I’m Adam i want to tell you how fun magic is. It’s really fun to do. I hope that after my grandpa videos me. I can go off of that and make what I need make better. To be continued.

Andy Says:

I would like to take this oportunity to thank Greg Moreland. Greg saw this web site and was gracious enough to send me one of his teaching DVDs for Adam. You can find Greg’s website at www.gregmoreland.com. Greg is a talented magician who is currently working on a cruise ship. I consider him to be a new friend.